Workshop Series: So, you want to start a business? 

If starting a business has always been a personal dream, now may be the time to turn that dream into reality.

The City of Iowa City hosted a series of five workshops to help teach entrepreneurs what it takes to launch a successful business venture. Residents of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of education, income, and experience were encouraged to participate. Videos and slides from the seminars are available for viewing. 

Part 1 - Abracadabra! Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Do you have an idea, interest or hobby that you’d like to pursue full-time? This workshop, presented by Angelo and Phillip Campos, co-owners of Tres Mentes Salsa in Des Moines, share information on how to successfully turn your passion into profit.​

Part 2 - Look Before You Leap: Legal Issues in Business

When it comes to legal issues, you’ll want to do things right the first time. Learn what you need to know in this session.

Part 3 - Licenses, Permits and Taxes, OH MY!

In this workshop, find out about the licenses and permits you’ll need to operate and the tax issues you’ll need to consider for your new business.

Part 4 - Choosing the Right Tax Structure

The right tax structure will fuel your business, but the wrong one will bring it down. Learn what tax considerations you’ll need to make for success.

Part 5 - Financial Statements: What They Say About Your Business

A banker, an IRS auditor and a potential investor will all want to review your financial statements, and each will be looking at something different. Learn how to prepare solid financial statements that will help you meet your business goals.