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Bus schedules for individual new routes

English bus schedules

1 South Iowa City
2 Court Street
3 Eastside Loop  
4 Downtown Shuttle  
5 Lower Muscatine/Kirkwood
6 Peninsula 
7 North Dodge: ACT loop served during peak hours only
8 Oakcrest 
9 Towncrest
10 West Iowa City: Irving Avenue / Shannon Drive loop served during off-peak hours only
11 Rochester
12 Highway 1
13 South Gilbert

Translated bus schedules 

Arabic: bus schedules
French: bus schedules
Mandarin Chinese: bus schedules
Spanish: bus schedules 

Transit Service to/from Downtown Interchange and UIHC and VA Hospital Campus. 

Iowa City Transit, Coralville Transit, and CAMBUS provide 26 trips per hour to the UIHC / VA hospital area during peak travel times and provides 42 trips per hour from the UIHC / VA hospital area to the Downtown Interchange during peak times. You are encouraged to use the transit system that will get you to your designation quickest and most conveniently. Transfers to Coralville Transit are free, just ask your driver for a transfer when boarding. All Iowa City Transit passes are eligible for use on Coralville Transit. CAMBUS is free and open to the public - no transfer is needed. View a document with all Iowa City, Coralville, and CAMBUS routes to the hospital campus here.

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