Billing and payment options

Customers can choose any of the following convenient methods to pay monthly utility bills.

  • Pay online 
  • SurePay automatic payment system. Save time and postage by paying your utilities bill with direct, automatic payments. Call 319-356-5066 to apply. Or fill out the online SurePay application or printable Surepay Application. Please allow four weeks to process your application. 
  • Use the pre-addressed return envelope provided and mail payment to: Payment Processing Center; PO Box 3246 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406-3246. Be sure to include the remittance section of the billing statement to ensure timely and accurate application of your payment
  • Call the Revenue Division at 319-356-5066 to pay by Mastercard, Visa or Discover
  • Pay-in-person at the City Hall cashier, Revenue Division, 410 E. Washington Street, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • Use any of the following drop boxes:
    • Drive-up dropbox, located in City Hall's east parking lot exit along Van Buren Street
  • Additional pay-in-person locations:
    • Drug Town, 310 N. 1st Avenue
    • Hy-Vee, 812 S. 1st Avenue
    • Hy-Vee, 1720 Waterfront Drive

Transfer service

If you move to another address within Iowa City, call the Revenue Division at 319-356-5066. You can also stop service online to end service at your current residence, and then follow that request with a start service online request for your new residence. Utility deposits are not transferable.

Change of billing address

If you wish to change the address to which your billing is mailed, with no change in service address, call the Revenue Division at 319-356-5066 or email the Revenue Division.

Closing a City utility account

Call the Revenue Division at 319-356-5066, or stop your utility services online, one week before moving to establish the date to close your account. Any deposit on your account will be applied as a credit to your final bill and/or balance due with any remaining balance over $1 returned to the account holder via check.

View the utility bill schedule. 

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Discount program

The City offers a discount program to low-income customers. To be eligible, all members of a household must be eligible for participation in one of the following programs: SSI or SSDI; Child Care Assistance; Food Stamps; receiving Elderly Tax Credit on real estate tax or State Rent disbursements. Call 319-356-5066 for more information.

Collection procedure

  • A 10 percent fee will be added to the current monthly charges on a bill if the payment for that bill is not received within 22 days of the billing date.
  • If a bill remains unpaid 37 days following the bill date, a collection letter is sent to the account holder advising the account holder of the unpaid balance due, and the date payment is required to avoid discontinuance of service. When the account holder is a tenant, the property owner is also sent a letter. 
  • If service is discontinued, an additional fee must be paid along with the current delinquent balance before service is restored. This payment must be in the form of cash, money order, cashier's check or Mastercard, VISA or Discover.

Bill adjustments

A bill adjustment to a utility account will be made when it is discovered that an account holder has been incorrectly billed for water, wastewater (sewer) or garbage/recycling services for the period of the adjustment, not to exceed five years. An account holder will be reimbursed 100 percent for an overbill and will be charged 50 percent for an underbill. No interest is paid or charged to the account holder. Call 319-356-5066 for additional information.

Water usage administrative review

If there is a malfunctioning plumbing fixture that caused high consumption, an account holder may file a claim requesting that the high wastewater bill be decreased. The amount of high consumption must be at least 50 percent greater than the account holder’s average consumption over the last 12 months. If the account is less than 12 months old, usage must be 50 percent greater than the industry standard average, which is 300 cubic feet per person, per month. The account holder must request a review within 60 calendar days after the “high” billing or 20 calendar days after an audit was performed by the City, whichever occurs first. Call 319-356-5066 for more information.

Please use this form to request a review.