Every day we rely on water. When we use water from our faucets, we assume it will be free from contamination. The goal of the Iowa City Backflow Prevention Program is to prevent contaminated water or other unapproved substances from entering the water system. Protecting the water system is everyone's responsibility.

What is happening in Iowa City?

The City of Iowa City analyzes and surveys all properties that are served by the Iowa City Water Division. This process may ultimately involve an inspection of a facility to determine if there are any hazards to the water system. Many facilities, especially ones with high hazards, have already been inspected and appropriate backflow protection has been installed. The City maintains records of all these devices, and continues to track the testing and maintenance that is needed or required. The following links contain further information regarding the backflow program.

Backflow devices, assemblies and methods

Iowa requires containment

The Iowa state plumbing code (641-25.5) requires cities with a population of 15,000 or greater to enact a backflow prevention program with a containment system. The purpose of a containment system is to separate water services a building from the City's water main. The Uniform Plumbing Code requires devices for isolation within the building. This separates the specific hazard from the buildings plumbing system, thus protecting the building occupants.

We understand that there is an expense and inconvenience involved when complying with the backflow requirements. If you have any questions regarding the backflow program, please call 319-356-5126.

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