Providing affordable housing is a challenge many growing communities across the country are facing, and it’s a top priority for the Iowa City City Council. 

The council set out in its 2016-2017 Strategic Plan to create an achievable goal and implement strategies to help tackle the affordable housing problem in Iowa City.  

Affordable Housing Action Plan

Communities can invest in a number of strategies to encourage housing affordability.

Staff presented an Affordable Housing Action Plan to the Council during a work session on June 21, 2016. During the presentation staff gave a review of existing affordable housing programs, recent progress and a list of potential new strategies and funding sources.

The City Council approved 15 action steps to help address the problem. Council has already adopted two of the proposals including an Inclusionary Zoning code for the Riverfront Crossings District and enabling FUSE Housing First use in the community. 


Housing Action Plan Updates

Housing Trust Fund of Johnson County

The City Council approved a resolution to award the Housing Trust Fund of Johnson County with $500,000 for affordable housing projects during its October 18, 2016 meeting,

This represents the first action step taken after the council approved the Affordable Housing Action Plan during its September 20, 2016 work session.  

Photo: Tracey Achenbach, Executive Director, and Casey Cooper of the Housing Trust Fund of Johnson County receiving the $500,000 check (Oct. 31, 2016).  


Watch a brief video summary of the affordable housing situation in Iowa City and the steps being taken to address it.