Do you live near a metal-grated storm drain that accumulates sticks and leaves after every rain? Or perhaps you have a drain in your back or side yard that becomes blocked with debris, causing possible flooding. If so, you can apply to "adopt" the drain and, in exchange for your care, you will receive free disposal of your yard waste.

Here's how it works:

  • You let us know what drain you want to adopt.
  • If the drain is a part of the public storm sewer system, is subject to debris accumulation and has not already been adopted, we will assign it to you.
  • Participant will receive an annual $24.00 credit on their utility bill. 
  • Your obligation is to simply keep the debris off your adopted drain. Check it frequently, especially after storms.

The goal of this program is to keep the drains cleared on a regular basis so it is unlikely they will become blocked during heavy rains causing flooding.

Examples of drains

Adoptable grated drain
A self-cleaning storm drain on a street curb with a red x mark over it because it is not adoptable.

A self-cleaning R.A. drain - not adoptable

Applicant's residence must be served by Iowa City solid waste collection crews. Limit one application per household. If you are interested in adopting a drain, fill out the Adopt-A-Drain application and return it to:

City of Iowa City Streets Division
Attn: Adopt-A-Drain
3800 Napoleon Ln.
Iowa City, IA 52240

Questions may be directed to Toni Davis.