Leaf Vacuum Schedule Dec. 5-Dec. 7

With the additional leaves that have fallen, the Streets Division will see more leaf piles. More leaf piles will begin to slow progress through each zone. We are doing our best to estimate progress. Please check back daily as schedule adjustments are likely.

Leaf crews began the sixth & final pass of the City on Monday, November 25th in Zone #7. We will proceed in numerical order and will move into Zone #1 after Zone #7 has been completed. Crews will not return to any of the zones once collection has been completed. Additionally, crews will not return for piles raked after the area has been collected or for piles not collected due to parked cars.

Please keep in mind, the continuation of the program is always weather permitting & is subject to end prematurely. We urge you to not hesitate in getting your leaves out to the curb.
• Thursday, Dec. 5: Collecting in Zone 4 (Final Pass)
• Friday, Dec. 6: Completing Zone 4 (Final Pass) & Entering Zone 5 (Final Pass)
• Saturday, Dec. 7: Collecting in Zone 5 (Final Pass)

Crews will not go back for missed leaf piles. Leaves need to be accessible to crews and free of parked cars. To guarantee pickup, have all of your leaves at the curb by 7 a.m. on the first day your zone is scheduled. View the zone map at

The leaf schedule is subject to change and will be updated daily. To receive updates via e-mail, visit and select “Leaf Vacuum Program”. For more information about the Leaf Vacuum Program visit

Leaf vacuum program


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