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Manville Heights Neighborhood

Lexington Avenue - Manville Heights Neighborhood

Lexington Avenue - Manville Heights Neighborhood

Historical & Architectural Survey

Notice of Public Meeting 
Wed., February 17, 6:00 PM 
Lincoln Elementary School Media Center
300 Teeters Court


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In 2008, the Iowa City Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) received a grant from the State Historic Preservation Office to conduct a study of the architecture and history of a portion of the Manville Heights Neighborhood. Manville Heights is a residential neighborhood on the west side of Iowa City adjacent to the University of Iowa campus. Most of the structures in this neighborhood were built in the first half of the 20th century. view map

Selection of this neighborhood for surveying was based on recommendations in the 2008 Iowa City Historic Preservation Plan. The idea for such a survey was first discussed during a neighborhood planning meeting for West Side residents held on June 29, 2006, to gather input for updating of the Historic Preservation Plan. Residents voiced questions on a wide range of preservation issues at the meeting. When one resident asked for a straw poll of the 35 other residents present to see whether they thought a survey should be done, the response was nearly unanimous for proceeding with a survey.

Consultant Selection

Following receipt of the grant, the HPC solicited proposals from historic preservation consultants and from those responding selected Marlys Svendsen with Svendsen Tyler, Inc. Sarona, Wisconsin, to do the study. Ms. Svendsen has done work for Iowa City on many occasions, including the 2008 Historic Preservation Plan and historical surveys of other Iowa City neighborhoods including Melrose Neighborhood, Downtown, Goosetown, and portions of the Northside.

Ms. Svendsen has completed her research of Manville Heights and will present the findings on Wednesday, February 17 at 6:00 PM in the Media Center at Lincoln Elementary.

She will be sharing the interesting history of the development of Manville Heights and the people who lived there. Manville neighborhood residents and all interested persons are invited to attend. The meeting will last approximately 1 – 1 ½ hours.

Historical & Architectural Survey

Ms. Svendsen has also completed a written report (also called a Multiple Property Document) of the survey area and determined if there were any buildings or districts eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The Multiple Property Document (MPD) is the report about the Manville neighborhood as a whole.

View Manville Multiple Property Document   (large file - 12 mb)

In addition to the survey of the entire neighborhood mentioned above, Ms. Svendsen also completed research of 236 individual properties within the Manville Heights neighborhood. For each property that was researched, an Iowa Site Form was completed. An Iowa Site Form contains information about the architecture of a property and the people who built and lived in the house.

Each form also contains pictures of the property. You may see if your property was researched by viewing this property list. Your property was researched if an Iowa Site # is listed by the address. You can request a copy of the Iowa Site Form for any surveyed property by contacting Robert Miklo, Historic Preservation Planner, at bob-miklo@iowa-city.org or 319.356.5240.

For additional information contact:
Robert Miklo 
Historic Preservation Commission
City of Iowa City
bob-miklo@iowa-city.org or 319.356.5240



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