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Quality & Treatment

Water Quality

The Iowa City Water Division's mission to provide clean safe water is clear, our commitment to great customer service is clearly understood and delivered, and our product is clean, clear and safe.  We provide customers with a water quality that exceeds all of the quality standards required by the Environmental Protection Agency. Over two hundred tests a day are performed by licensed water treatment plant operators. In addition to these tests, others are performed by University Hygienic Laboratory to ensure that the water reaching your home is safe to drink.

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Water Treatment

The water purification facility is utilizing a lime softening coagulation-sedimentation, granular activated carbon filtration process. Starting with source water that is virtually free of sediment, the lime softening process can reduce calcium hardness in the water by two thirds. The process also removes organic that harbor taste, odor, and color.

The carbon filters polish the water by removing contaminants, and eliminating tastes and odors. Chlorine is added to ensure disinfection in the water distribution system. Fluoride is added at an optimal level to enhance the source waters natural fluoride content which improves bone and tooth strength in younger children as well as adults.

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