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Fully automated cart pickupSingle-family households and multiplexes of four units or fewer shall utilize a 65 gallon City issued refuse cart for weekly curbside collection. The City of Iowa City maintains ownership of all refuse carts distributed. All City issued refuse carts must remain at the property to which they were delivered. Additional bags of garbage left curbside for pickup should be placed alongside of your refuse cart. Additional bags of garbage can be no larger than 35 gallons in size and can weigh no more than 50 pounds. All additional bags left curbside must have a City of Iowa City blue refuse sticker affixed to them. City of Iowa City refuse stickers may be purchased at participating grocery stores and at the City Hall Cashier.

The city is divided into five sectors for garbage pickup. Please click on the following link to find your area, and match the number to the weekday in the map legend. http://www.icgov.org/site/CMSv2/file/solidWaste/WeeklySchedule.pdf.

Please Note - There are a few areas throughout the city that are serviced by our white goods truck. Unfortunately, those areas will not be issued a City refuse cart due to the garbage cans having to be manually lifted. For those few areas, residents may utilize up to two 35 gallon garbage containers for their weekly pickup.

Special Item Collection

Please call the Solid Waste Division (319-356-5180) two days in advance of your regular pickup day to schedule collection of any of the following items:

  • Large Bulky Items - Items that cannot be broken down to fit in standard (35 gallon maximum) garbage container or bag. Examples: chair, couches, mattresses. Fee: $12.50 for first item; $6 for each additional item per pickup.

    Have usable furniture in good condition? Let the Furniture Project match it with a local family in need.
  • Electronics - Curbside pickup is available for electronic waste. Electronic waste such as printers, CPU's, VCR's that do not have a CRT screen/monitor are charged the same as bulky waste. CRT screen's 18" or smaller are $16.50 for the first and $10 for each additional monitor. TV’S (console, flat screen, etc.) over 18" are $21.50 for the first and $15 for each additional. Electronics may be recycled at the landfill.
  • Appliances - refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, air conditioners, microwave ovens, water heaters, etc. Fee: $20 per appliance.
  • Tires - $3.75 per tire not on rim; $7.50 per tire on rim.

Any of the above special items will be collected on your regular garbage day. Fees for collection of these items will be added to your monthly utility bill. Remember to call two days ahead of your regular garbage pickup day (319-356-5180) to schedule the pickup. Additional fees could be charged to your account if items are abandoned at the curb or if items have not been scheduled for collection.

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