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General Orders: Investigations

Section #GO #TypeReevaluateTitle of General Order
INV-01.1-791-07Black Investigative Case Screening Process
INV-02.1-601-05Green Officer Involved Shootings/Lethal Incident Investigations
INV-03.1-501-08Green Criminal Intelligence
INV-04.1-501-09Green Narcotics, Organized Crime and Vice Investigations

Explanation of Color Codes:

All members of the Department are expected to be familiar with the General orders, which are binding on all members of the department. The orders have been categorized and color-coded in three orders of priority.

Red orders (distinguished by a red heading) are those orders which affect officers on a daily basis or are related to safety issues. Officers are expected to be thoroughly familiar with the red orders. The red orders are re-evaluated a minimum of once a year.

Green orders (distinguished by a green heading) are those orders, which regularly pertain to the officer's duties but are not closely related to safety issues. Green orders are re-evaluated at least every second year. Officers are expected to be familiar with the content of these orders, but if they are unfamiliar with the exact content of the order, they have ability to check on how to proceed without endangering the publics or their safety.

Black orders (distinguished by a black heading) pertain primarily with administrative functions and do not affect the manner in which officers regularly perform their duties. While they are important to the operation of the department, they do not necessarily affect the day to day manner in which officers interact with the public. Black orders are re-evaluated at least every three years.

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