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FD Connections: Sprinkler Systems & Standpipes

Bad Example
Example of a vandalized FDC with a missing cap

Good Example
Example of a properly protected FDC

Fire Sprinkler Systems and Standpipes are important fire protection features which are built-in to many buildings. In order for these systems to function as designed, the fire department must be able to pump water into the systems through what is called the Fire Department Connection (FDC). Unfortunately, these Fire Department Connections are often the target of vandals who remove the protective caps. Once the caps are removed the systems are often rendered useless due to debris inside the FDC.

Section 912.3.1 of the International Fire Code authorizes the fire department to require locking caps on Fire Department Connections. The Iowa City Fire Department has chosen the Knox Company brand of locking FDC caps as the approved cap for installation in Iowa City. All ICFD apparatus carries the special wrench needed to remove the caps.

The locking caps should be installed on new fire sprinkler systems and standpipes when the systems are installed and on existing systems when replacement caps are needed. These caps may be ordered on-line at www.knoxbox.com, or by contacting the Iowa City Fire Marshal at 319-356-5257.

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