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Senior Center Volunteer Opportunities

The Senior Center has a variety of volunteer opportunities, both long and short-term. Start a club or lead an activity group; provide health insurance counseling to seniors; supervise evening and weekend activities at the Center; produce videos of Senior Center programs to broadcast on cable TV; join a committee to help with program planning, community outreach, communication, or fundraising; and much more. Volunteers are essential to the operation of the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center.

To get involved as a volunteer, contact the Community Outreach Specialist, Emily Light, at 319-356-5224 or emily-light@iowa-city.org.

The Center also offers unique teaching opportunities for volunteer instructors in a wide range of subjects including art, current events, chess, dance, the environment, literature, languages, history, philosophy, religion, photography, technology, science and more. The participants, most of who are retired, enroll in classes seeking to enrich their lives and expand their minds. They bring enthusiasm and diverse backgrounds of knowledge and experience. Some may even teach your something about your subject that you hadn't known before. Volunteer instructors enjoy teaching in an interactive environment without the worries of testing and grading. Consider joining the excitement at the Iowa City Senior Center.

For more information about how to get involved in teaching a class, contact the Program Specialist, Michelle Buhman, at 319-356-5222 or michelle-buhman@iowa-city.org.

Anyone interested in volunteering at the Senior Center should complete the volunteer application form below and send it to:

Iowa City Senior Center
28 S Linn Street
Iowa City, IA 52240

Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Handbook

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