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Mercer Park Aquatic Center

The Mercer Park Aquatic Center is divided into three separate sections. The deep section is on the east end of the pool. This section is 25 yards long; depth ranges from 4'6" to 12' and contains two (2) one-meter diving boards. The middle section is 25 yards long; depth ranges from 4'2" to 4'6". The shallow section is on the west end of the pool. It is approximately 2'6" to 4'.  There is an outside wading pool area which requires children to have adult supervision.

The Mercer Park Aquatic Center is equipped with a 12-person spa. Use of the spa is restricted to adults (16 years or older) and children who are directly supervised by a responsible adult (someone 16 years or older). Those with heart conditions, high blood pressure, pregnant women, young children and others with health concerns should consult a physician before using the spa. To ensure proper function of the spa, the pool manager reserves the right to restrict use by children (15 years and younger) during times of peak use. The spa is not open for use during times reserved for swimming lessons.

When reading the schedules, please note which section activities are being held.

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